The Core Team

Our core team is composed of


* Prof. Dr. Brigitte Fahrenhorst. Her strength is her interdisciplinary approach in following subjects:

- International policy and politics / Development policy and politics,

- Management of natural resources, Land use and land governance, water governance, rights,

- livelihood and resilience, 

- Crisis prevention/ Conflict management/ Peace and Security,

- Democracy/ Rule fo law/ Civil society/ Institutions/ high level Diplomacy,

- Migration and Diaspora. 


* Murtaza Jaffer, M.A. und LLB. He is specialized in

- International law,

- Rule of law,

- Labour and Social law,

- Human Rights (Refugees, Genocide, Asylum law)

- Rights over natural resources,

- Support to Civil Society Organizations.


* Additional team members are: our CEO and several scientific assistants and staff members.